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Adventures with Evolvex, part two


Remember that time I ordered something from Evolvex? Well, it came in the mail recently, so now I can write the follow-up post. YEAH!


My cube came in two packages because I’d technically bought two items: one box held the cushion, and the other held pieces for the cube itself, as well as a bag of screws and other bits you’ll need to put your furniture together. My piece has a door, so it also came with two hinges. They were wrapped carefully in padding to ensure that the pieces wouldn’t get damaged in transit.

all wrapped up

It also came with personalised instructions in a brown envelope, which I thought was lovely.

Building the cube was relatively easy; if you know how to use a screwdriver, it’s just a matter of identifying which screws go where, and popping the pieces into place. You can see this in more detail in the video below, in which I made Kyri put together the cube while I filmed, for your viewing pleasure.


WATSKY…is a pretty fun name to say out loud.

Okay, well thanks to Printz-award-winning YA author John Green, I now know the pure excellence that is George Watsky. I don’t think I can overstate how much rappers, or slam poets impress me.  Good ones can mesh beats with lyrics in a way that fills me with envy, because I am still trying to master talking without tripping over my words.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to all of his stuff, but from what I gather, Watsky writes like a white kid from the suburbs (wait, is that being racist?) who occasionally enjoys clubs and fucking. And yeah, he may be sitting in the back of a limo, women draped on either side of him and playing with a real-life, actual snake in his videos, but he’s still rapping about his sub-par car and comparing himself to One Tree Hill. Which is refreshing and endearing and a whole lot more relatable than the rap I listen to, although I guess that’s because the only rap and R&B I tend to listen to is on the Top 40, or whatever blasts out of my brother’s room and catches my ear as I walk by.

He’s gwatsky on youtube, and his videos swing from serious to hilarious to cats. He also has a bandcamp, go check out his stuff.