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weekly link round-up

Link round-ups do not have to be regular in any sense, I have just decreed.

  • Tom Felton’s first single, ‘Hawaii’, hit the web this week, and as much as I wanted to enjoy it, I couldn’t help but cringe when I heard it. It sounds awkwardly like a song from a British children’s television show. Tom, you are a really good actor, and I’m sure you can sing too, but this song? No.
  • Also earlier this week: Michelle Branch makes her return to pop/rock music with her latest music video, Loud Music. I have some things to say about it, so maybe there will be a post about it! If I ever get around to finishing it!
  • Saw this Game of Thrones RPG parody earlier this month, but someone linked it to me again, and now I am linking it here, because even if you have seen it, it is always worth another watch.
  • Now here’s a baby mimicking Freddie Mercury… adorably!
Yeah so there’s surprisingly little I want to comment on this week. Eh. Really just that Tom Felton thing.

Weekly Link Round-Up

Is it a good idea to do a link round-up in the middle of the week? I SAY YES!

  • Rebecca Black made a comeback with her new single, ‘My Moment‘ yesterday. Pop Dust says everything I wanted to say on the matter.
  • There’s rumour of Guillermo del Toro directing an adaption ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and Emma Watson may be attached to the project. While I find this interesting, I’m still kind of mad about ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ being made into a film. And Emma Watson having anything to do with it.
  • Borders is finally closing all its stores. It’s a sad, sad time and marks the beginning of the end of bookstore culture, and I really love bookstores. You can’t run your hand along the spines of books at Amazon, you can’t pick one up at random and flick through its pages. The people at my local Borders were pretty cool, for the most part, and I will miss it all.
  • Not recent news, but I’ve recently gotten into terrariums, ever since Marieke Hardy tweeted about them. They’re pretty cool, guys!