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Adventures with Evolvex, part two


Remember that time I ordered something from Evolvex? Well, it came in the mail recently, so now I can write the follow-up post. YEAH!


My cube came in two packages because I’d technically bought two items: one box held the cushion, and the other held pieces for the cube itself, as well as a bag of screws and other bits you’ll need to put your furniture together. My piece has a door, so it also came with two hinges. They were wrapped carefully in padding to ensure that the pieces wouldn’t get damaged in transit.

all wrapped up

It also came with personalised instructions in a brown envelope, which I thought was lovely.

Building the cube was relatively easy; if you know how to use a screwdriver, it’s just a matter of identifying which screws go where, and popping the pieces into place. You can see this in more detail in the video below, in which I made Kyri put together the cube while I filmed, for your viewing pleasure.