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I’ve been eating out a lot lately, and while it has been enjoyable, it has not been kind to my wallet.

It’s not that I have expensive taste, I just have a bottomless stomach.

Here is a snack I ate recently for free (because my boyfriend paid for it all) (but I mean, it was relatively inexpensive) and it was delicious.

garlic cracker snax!


  1. Get some fine wafer crackers. I’m pretty sure they have to be this exact brand, because I can’t find any other substitute that is quite like this. At first you will be like “this tastes like a waffle cone, how bizarre” but then you will be like “I need to put all of these in my mouth as fast as possible”
  2. Get a giant tub of garlic dip. This particular tub was purchased at Costco; it is delicious, cheap and will last you a very long time — such are the fruits that Costco bear. Every time you think you’ve seen everything Costco has to offer, it gives you a giant tub of garlic dip. When a man is tired of Costco, he is tired of life.
  3. Put the fine wafer cracker into the garlic dip.
  4. Devour at your leisure. You may need more than one packet of wafer crackers.

Now you know how to eat like a poor, sporadic blogger. You’re welcome.


How To: Rainy Day Brunch

This is a thing I did today because I woke up feeling bad and hungry and it was also raining. Doing this made me feel better, and I hope that if you do it, it will make you feel better too.

How To: Rainy Day Brunch

1. Wake up feeling terrible. Turn off your alarm and look at the clock. Look outside and notice it is raining. Text your friend a thousand sorries that you won’t be able to meet up today after all. Go back to sleep.

2. Wake up feeling bad. Look outside and notice it is still raining. Look at the clock. Notice it is late. Haul yourself out of bed. It may be an effort, but I promise you, it is worth it.

3. Get to the kitchen. Look for ingredients. Cobble together this recipe. It is savoury French toast with avocado.

french toast and avocado


  • 2 eggs
  • 3 slices of bread
  • 1 avocado
  • milk
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil/butter


1. break eggs into a bowl. add milk (I never measure how much, but use your judgement). add salt and pepper.

2. take the slices of bread and coat them in the eggy mixture. try and get an even amount of egg on each slice of bread, and make sure they don’t get too soggy and break apart.

3. put some oil/butter in a frying pan and let it heat up. then, put the eggy bread into the pan. my frying pan is only big enough for two slices, and yours probably is too. sensible people would cook the bread in two batches, rather than attempting to cram all three slices in at once. even more sensible people would only eat two slices of bread. but you’re not sensible, you’re sad! it’s raining! do whatever the hell you want.

4. while you’re waiting for your french toast to cook, cut open the avocado lengthwise. remove the seed and then slice the avocado into cubes inside the skin. put the avocado aside. if that was confusing, I recommend you watch this video.

5. is your french toast cooked yet? that depends on how fast you cut the avocado. if you cut it slowly, or had to watch the video, you should have been keeping an eye on the stove. if you cut avocado quickly, your toast is probably not done yet. turn the bread as necessary.

6. plate up! put your (presumably cooked) French toast on a plate. get the avocado and spoon the little cubes onto your toast. mash it on there if you want. season with salt and pepper.

7. and then eat it! enjoy! hooray, you’re done!

optional: consume it with tea while watching an episode of Community or 30 Rock. Or read a book.

By the time you have finished, maybe the rain has stopped. Maybe it has not. Maybe you have cheered yourself up so much that you do not even care anymore.