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Panic! at the Disco are ready to go

I haven’t paid that much attention to Panic! at the Disco since their debut album. I remember some controversy about them deciding on removing the exclamation from their name a couple years back (but they seem to still be using it now, what’s up with that?) and I mildly enjoyed their sophomore album, but when I found out that they were releasing another album, it wasn’t enough to get me super-excited. Or excited at all. I’d just grown tired of them (‘Pretty. Odd.’ was not a great album, guys).

But then I was directed to their latest music video by this charming fellow and I’ve got to say, I was rather impressed. Having not really listened to much of their new stuff, ‘Ready to Go’ was a pleasant surprise for me. The music was much more ‘pop’ than I expected, since the only new song I’d heard from Panic! had been ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’ which is decidedly more ‘alternative’ than ‘pop’. Right after the video ended, I saw that there was another music video, released around late 2010 (so I know I’m really late to the party) for Panic!’s song ‘New Perspective’, which is also pretty poptastic, so maybe that’s kind of the direction they’re taking now? Don’t look at me like that; I know there are people who are probably already yelling at me for calling Panic! a pop act. I suppose they’re not exactly. Alterna-pop, maybe. Whatever you want to label them, I assure you, it will still have pop in the title. Genres are lame! Stop yelling at me!

But back to the video, it seems to by very show-tuney, in that Brendan Urie sings and dances with back up dancers and props in every verse. Then there’s that obvious shout-out to Mary Poppins (come on, dancing chimney sweeps? flying through a cartoonish Old London skyline and then dancing with umbrellas? TOTALLY Mary Poppins!). I enjoy pop songs, and I enjoy dancing, and I enjoy music videos in which pop (or, sigh, alterna-pop) artists who don’t usually dance, dance (and then fall apart to half time).* When I saw Urie bust out in 50’s attire (possibly an homage to Grease) and do that adorable, almost boyband-ish dance with two lovely back up dancers, it reminded me of the well-timed choreography in Marina and the Diamonds’ video for ‘Oh No!’, which made my heart happy.

In short, the aesthetics in Panic!’s music video for ‘Ready to Go’ were fantastic, and reflected the fun, upbeat sound of the song. I think I’ll be welcoming Panic! at the Disco back into my music library.


‘Ready to Go (Get Me Out of my Mind)’
Artist: Panic! at the Disco
Released: 2011
Director: Shane Drake


*bad joke?