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UNIQLO wishlist

The first time I went to a UNIQLO, it was in San Francisco. It was a small shop with two levels, and I was very impressed by their Heattech line. The second time I went was in New York, at their Times Square location. It was loud, crowded, and gave me a panic attack. But they had a wider range of clothes, so maybe it was worth it?


UNIQLO recently opened their first Australia store in Melbourne, any it seems everyone is abuzz. Being stuck and sick in Sydney, I found myself browsing their website longingly. And then I made a collage.

I'm so fashion forward | Uniqlo wishlist

I didn’t realise how monochromatic my choices were until I had laid it all out like that. But we’re heading into Winter, I’ve managed to catch an awful cold, and I have no time for colours. Besides, black is slimming and will hide all the sad burrito weight I’ve put on.

Here’s a little breakdown of my wishlist:

1. SPRZ NY Short Sleeve Big T-shirt: I need more t-shirts, but specifically, I need more baggy ones. This one looks sufficiently baggy, and this piece is part of UNIQLO’s MoMa collaboration, so how could I not want this.

2. Ultra Stretch Cargo Trousers: I have basically been living in leggings for the past few months, because I can only stand to wear stretchy pants, because of all that aforementioned burrito-weight. I like these because they are stretchy, but also made of thicker material. Also: dem pockets.

3. Wool Blended Pea Coat: I have thin, cotton-blend coats, but it’s too cold for those. I have a big, wool-lined, waterproof coat that often makes me look like the abominable snowman. I need a coat that is both warm and makes me look put-together. And so: this pea coat.

4. Denim Leggings Trousers: I used to be staunchly against wearing leggings as pants, but then times changed. Wear whatever you want, I say! I advise at least trying to cover up your crotch area with a long shirt or something. But whatever makes you comfortable and doesn’t offend people! Who cares! And UNIQLO have labelled these trousers, so it’s like they’re giving us the okay to wear these as, y’know, trousers (Also: more stretchy pants because burritos, etc.)

5. Heattech Knittted Tights (Baroque): These look adorable, and it’s time to introduce some new hosiery to my Winter wardrobe.

6. Heattech Tights: See above. And because it’s Heattech, I assume it is way warmer than all my other tights.

I hear UNIQLO will have a Sydney location sometime next year, but that is not soon enough! And I mean, Melbourne also has a MUJI store. Where is our MUJI store? I would like pretty stationery please. Maybe the answer is to move to Melbourne.


Animal Crossing vs Real Life

I know Animal Crossing does not purport to be anything at all like real life; for starters, you are the only human in a world full of giant talking animals. But essentially, you play a human trying to make his or her way in the world, interacting with other beings, and generally finding enjoyment in life. Except there are a few ways in which Animal Crossing differs from the real world, which I think makes it the more appealing reality.


The first thing the animal folk make you do once you arrive into town is buy a house. You have arrived with no money and nothing but the clothes on your back, and they slam you with a home loan – on top of being the mayor, which it appears you are doing pro bono. What a crap job! The only way you can make money to pay off your crippling debt is by selling fruits, fish, bugs and fossils.

in my place

Since there are few objectives in the game, you can spend your days picking fruit off trees, or strolling along the beach collecting sea shells and catching fish. AND THEN GET PAID FOR IT. Suddenly, your home loan is paid off, and you got to have a relaxing day.

Oh, and if for some reason you don’t feel like collecting shells or collecting bugs for money, there’s always money in the trees. That’s right…


Or at least, money is hiding in the trees. Frustrated at the lack of bug diversity in the wintertime, I started shaking the trees and screaming “why…WHY?!” Lo and behold, some money fell out, which I quickly pocketed. Money doesn’t fall out of every tree, but it falls out of enough to warrant shaking every tree I came across.

Now go outside and try to shake a tree in the real world. Those aren’t coins coming loose from the branches, those are wasps. Good luck trying to pay off your home loan with a pocketful of live wasps, sucker!


I think we can all agree that fishing is hella boring. You sit in a boat or on a wharf and wait for fish to come to you. And then you have to reel them in. And then you have to take the hook out of their mouth. And then you have to deal with a dead fish, along with terrible guilt of having tricked another living creature into putting a hook in their mouth. Why does anyone ever go fishing?

But in Animal Crossing, they take out all the horrifying parts of fishing, and replace them with cute puns.

Holy Mackerel! Pond Smelt

Who doesn’t like puns? MONSTERS, that’s who.


No matter where you choose to build your house in Animal Crossing, it will always be a short walk away from the beach. Now, where I live in the real world is also considered a short walk to at least two beaches, but I would actually have to walk there. With my legs. Please.

In Animal Crossing, it takes you actual seconds to waddle down to a sandy shore, where you can go fishing, take a leisurely dive, collect sea shells, and find the occasional lost seagull, passed out and brought in by the waves. If it’s wintertime where you are, there is also a wharf with a manned boat ready to take you to an island where it is perpetually summer. Correct me if I am wrong, but that never happens in real life.

I’m not saying that Animal Crossing is an ideal place to live (again, you appear to be slaves to giant talking animals), but there are some pros that kind of make me rethink how great the real world really is. I mean sure, in the real world I have proper agency and there’s a pretty good chance that a giant penguin will never ask me to catch a wharf roach for it, but I also can’t shake a tree if I ever need spare change for coffee, and my local museum isn’t run by a giant talking owl.

giant owl

What I am saying is, I don’t want all my animals to be giant and capable of speech, just the wise owls. Science, get on this! For now…I know I can find a simpler world with giant owls in Animal Crossing.

Winter Essentials

It is coming into the colder months in this part of the world, and while my feelings towards Winter have previously fluctuated between resentment and indifference, I have recently come to embrace the chill.

SInce I am a millennial living in a capitalistic society, I believe I owe a lot of this newfound comfort to my material goods (I love you material goods). Thus, I bring you my Winter essentials for this year (or really, any year):

Toe socks

I love socks. I have knee-high, OTK, crew, ankle and bed socks — mostly in crazy patterns and colours — but the kind of socks I had been coveting for ages were toe socks. For one reason or another, I never got around to purchasing any, until last December, when Walgreens had a bunch of Christmas-themed toe socks for sale. They were the cutest, so obviously…

toe socks!

I also have a pair with Santa on them, and another with snowmen. They are like gloves for your toes! My extremities tend to get super-cold, particularly in the winter and even if I’m snuggled under a warm blanket, so wearing socks to bed is a definite must.

Sweat Pants

I’ve mention these before, but since then Kyri took the sweat pants home, and I suffered a few lonely, sweat-pantsless months. I experimented with pyjama pants, my own sweat pants, boxer shorts…nothing seemed to fit as comfortably. Then one glorious day, Kyri came over and he brought the sweatpants back! True, he did specify it was so that he could wear them when he’s over, but I mean, let’s be real here, I’m gonna be wearing the pants. Forever.

Space Heater

space heater

Another thing from Kyri, although this was a gift rather than a thing I shamelessly stole. Kyri is a big fan of temperature control, and a couple years ago he decided he would pass this onto me via this heater. It took me a while, but now I am kind of dependent on this little heat-provider; it’s the only thing that makes coming out of the shower during Winter tolerable.

Scented Candles

My family thought I was mad for burning candles in the summer — “why?” they would ask, milling about in their underwear and fanning themselves.

“do you not want the smell of a hot pumpkin caramel latte wafting through our home?” I would rebutt.

“no” they would say, walking away in disgust.

scented candle

Well now my candles are totally weather-appropriate — they’re cosy and smell of Winter things (because I bought stuff mostly from the winter range) and I will light a hundred if I want to! Who’s the mad one now, family?!*

Hilariously, the last time I used this candle I closed it in a way that trapped the heat and made the glass expand, so I can’t get the lid open. THANKS, SCIENCE. My first instinct was to add heat to the lid, so I immediately exposed it to an open flame…yeah, don’t do that. Because of the burning. Hot water or a hairdryer would have been better, but none of those are in my room. Only lighters.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm is for every season, but especially winter. Because of the cold and the chapped lips. I carry a bag of various lip products, including tinted lip balm, with me everywhere because I am obsessive. But also I keep a tube of Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm next to my bed for easy night-time access, because it is now the only non-tinted lip balm that I own.


It is very moisturising without being sticky, and also smells strongly of honey. I don’t recommend it if you don’t like the smell of honey…but they have a bunch of other “flavours”, like pomegranate, grapefruit and mango. The only other one I have tried was the pomegranate one, but it belonged to someone else and I was kind of drunk and don’t remember what it smelt like. It probably doesn’t smell like honey.


Again, because of the cold and chapped skin etc. I have at least three full-sized face/body moisturisers and several small samples that I use in rotation. I got them all from Bellabox, because they insist on giving me more than I can use. Not that I’m complaining.

But my most favourite moisturiser is one for your hands. I’d heard a lot of good things about Hand Food by Soap and Glory. It’s a brand from the UK, but I guess Sephora started stocking it as well, because that’s where I found it. Kit Cosmetics in Australia also stocks Soap and Glory stuff, so when this runs out, I’ll be heading to a Kit Cosmetics counter to stock up on more.

hand cream

It smells like marshmallow, and does exactly what it says on the tube: it’s non greasy and very hydrating. I use it pretty much anytime my hands feel dry, or I just want to smell product (seriously, it smells so good!). On the flight from San Francisco to Auckland, I managed to sneak the entire tube past the TSA onto the plane, because I couldn’t imagine a 14-hour flight without it.

So yeah, I like things. Let me know if you have any cold-weather recommendations, because me and Winter, we are still deep in the honeymoon phase.

* me. it’s still me.

Life after graduation: filling the void.

I don’t consider myself an expert on much, but I am fairly well-versed on the ins-and-outs of being a recent graduate; I’m at the point where I can still say “I graduated recently…” without it being a total lie, which is certainly more impressive than “I’m in between jobs at the moment”, which is really just a roundabout way of admitting unemployment.

Andsobut you find that you yourself are a recent graduate, or are about to become one, and you’re still waiting to hear back from the graduate positions you’ve applied for and/or you’re nervous about the big wide world. Big chunks of time that you used to spend studying are now voids of anxiety. Fear not! There are a number of activities you could do to fill your time; some of them are even productive.


This is the most obvious; you’re done with the study, so it’s time to get to putting the skills you learned to work. The wise thing to do would be to apply for jobs before you graduate, so you can jump right into Being An Actual Adult, but I totally didn’t, so if you don’t, I can’t yell at you without being a hypocrite.

Even if you don’t want to immediately face full-time, 9-5 work, it’s probably good if you can generate some income at a part time job or something. Just sayin’.


While you’re waiting to hear back from all those jobs you applied to, why not become an intern? Sure, interns get stuck with all the crappy jobs no one wants to do for little to no money, but you’ll be getting experience and a chance to perfect your skills in a professional work environment.

Plus, if you do a good enough job, they may actually pay you with real money! Wow! I found most of my internships through my university careers board and The Loop.


Similar to interning, but without the vague promise of future paid employment. Not that it doesn’t have its perks; when I volunteered at the Manly Jazz Festival, I got to wander along Manly beach while listening to jazz music all day…and I got a free lunch! and a 2011 Manly Jazz Festival t-shirt! What a great day.

When I volunteered at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards I got to follow tween stars around all day and get slimed*! on top of the free lunch(es) and Nickelodeon Staff t-shirt. Seriously, I have amassed so many t-shirts from all the volunteer jobs I’ve done. If you want free shirts, all you have to do is volunteer for stuff.


Preferably one of those “social games” that rely on you playing with one or more of your friends; Draw Something is fairly popular these days. This is how it will go down:

  1. Download Draw Something on your phone/tablet/whatever
  2. Badger all your friends to play it with you
  3. Start a few games with friends
  4. Everyone gets really competitive, and it’s fun
  5. Everyone gets really competitive, and feelings get hurt
  6. Friends realise how much time Draw Something has taken from them and abruptly stop playing — even though it’s their move — in favour of doing their job or studying
  7. You stare bitterly at all the unfinished games and try to fight feelings of abandonment


Not exercising was acceptable back when you were a university student, and all your time was used to do assignments and attempt to maintain a social life, but now that those days are behind you, there’s nothing standing in the way of you and getting fit. Join a gym!

I personally enjoy using the treadmill, only because running outside makes me nervous and I get performance anxiety. I wish I were kidding. The elliptical machines are also pretty rad. If using gym equipment isn’t your thing, there are also classes. Take up kick-boxing, or judo, or yoga, or pilates, or yogalates; you get to meet new people with whom you can bond over bitching about how much of a hard-ass your kick-boxing instructor is.


Then you can whine about being a graduate, and how getting a job in this economy is so hard and nobody understands me like you do, blog.

Or better yet, start a T*mblr. It’s amazing. It’s like crack. You will never leave your room again, your face pale with the glow of your monitor. So many pictures of kittens, so many memes, so many misattributed/paraphrased quotes…and they have this “endless scrolling” feature…


When being a Real Person gets too hard, you can always get back to studying. Some benefits of higher tertiary education:

  1. You can list your occupation as “student” again
  2. Knowledge is power
  3. Put off paying your student loans by accumulating more student loans!
  4. If you get a PhD, people can call you “Doctor”
  5. Also if you get a PhD, you get to wear an awesome hat

imagine this badboy atop your head at graduation. you would be the coolest kid.

What I am saying is: enjoy student life while you still can! The “real world” is for suckers!

* getting slimed is only kind-of fun while the sliming is going on; “oh haha so much slime! I’m so gross, the floor’s so slippery! I’m…oh no I’m falling over! my butt! ouch.” but once the slime hoses turn off, all you can think about is how cold you are, and how you forgot to bring a change of clothes.

Lists and Links: substitutes for real content

I am the worst at blogging.

Back in January, I joined accompl.sh, a community-based, goal-achieving site (because one can never join TOO MANY social media websites), and one of my goals was to “blog at least twice a month“. Well. Clearly, I overestimated myself. One would think that writing a single blog post per fortnight is a manageable task, but one would be wrong. I’d actually much rather spend my nights lying in bed, watching the Regular Show and feeling guilty about not blogging. You should try it, it’s fun.

Don’t get me wrong, my lack of blog posts is not because I have abandoned the internet in favour of “having a life”. Trust me, I am on the internet plenty. It would be 3am, and my mother would knock on my bedroom door and ask politely if maybe I want to switch of my computer and get some sleep. “No.” I would reply, and then when she’d leave the room, I would quietly nuzzle the screen and whisper sweet nothings into the internet. Also, I’m on tumblr a lot.

The lack of blog-like content can’t even be attributed to a lack of things to write about; I have kept lists of what I consider blog-worthy items in my notebook, hoping that one day I might actually get around to writing some of them.


  • comparing and contrasting different types of coffee
  • performance poetry
  • that time I chose to not eat meat for a month and vegetarianism in general
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin (film review)
  • the value of concerts and live music
  • a video blog from the time I saw Rafael Lozanoo-Hemmer’s Recorders exhibit at the MCA
  • Love Never Dies (musical review)
  • Valentine’s Day is a thing that just happened. Everybody loves topical blog posts, right?

But writing is difficult. Or rather, I’m incredibly lazy. I’d rather drink tea and slurk around the internet for hours rather than attempt to string coherent sentences together. It’s a hard life.

In an attempt to make up for a lack of content, I present to you a list of other sites that have better and more regular updates than mine.

Fashion Pirate; I am a moderate reader of fashion blogs, and the ones I subscribe to regularly (Keiko Lynn & What I Wore) are pretty standard. However, I found Arabelle’s fashion blog a couple weeks ago, and have slowly been going through the archives. She has a quirkier dress sense and a strong feminist viewpoint that I admire.

Thought Catalogue; “Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting. You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives.” It’s a science fact. Also it has interesting articles. I recommend following them on twitter for incremental doses of wonderful.

Extra Ordinary; I never really got into comics before I discovered internet comics, and now Extra Ordinary is currently my favourite. It’s loosely based around New Zealander Li, her life, and more importantly, her cat. There are new comics every Wednesday. CATS!

Josh Is Hollywood; I told you I was on Tumblr a lot. While a large slice of tumblr is reminiscent of a lot of Myspace blogs circa 2004, Josh’s one has more original content than reblogs, and a lot of it’s thoughtful and/or amusing. Also, he’s from Canada. Canada is rad!

SciShow; At the beginning of the year, Youtube launched a bunch of original channels run by well-known YT personalities and partners as well as media companies. Amongst these are two educational channels run by the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. Crash Course features both Hank and John teaching Biology and World History, respectively. SciShow just features Hank teaching Science broadly. Having a background in Arts/Communication, I thought I would enjoy John’s World History videos the most, but I find that I look forward to SciShow videos turning up in my subscription box much more.

Phew. That was exhausting. I’m going to make a cup of tea and go back to bed now.

Five things to do on a plane

I had to fly to Perth recently for a Choral Inter-varsity, and during the flight, I was provided every type of entertainment that could be conveyed through a personal touch-screen and a pair of headphones; I was offered a wide selection of music, television shows, movies and games. It’s funny what such a large range of entertainment available for a limited time can do to a person; my brain went into overdrive, I wanted to watch everything! listen to everything! play all the games (not really)! In the end I managed to watch 7 minutes of Griff the Invisible, 49 minutes of No Strings Attached, half of two How I Met Your Mother episodes, fast-forwarded my way through a Katy Perry concert and listened to the first few minutes of many, many songs. Then my six-hour flight ended and I was separated from the plane’s amazing entertainment system into a world of 9-hour singing rehearsals a day (but that’s another story).

The promise of another entertainment-filled flight on the way back to Sydney made departing the plane much more bearable. I don’t think you understand just how much I love the idea of having that much media at my fingertips; I like it a lot. I liked the idea of more hours being able to revel in the loveliness that was personalised in-flight entertainment. So you can imagine my shock and disappointment when the Inter-varsity finished and I found myself on a plane sans tiny touch screen.

What? What did they expect me to do on my commute back to Sydney? I wanted to watch the first few minutes of a lot of different movies, damnit! I wanted to attempt to play some lame action/adventure game and then give up because it’s too hard! I wanted to browse their music collection and complain about it being too mainstream and out of date! So many lost opportunities!

All they provided me with was a pair of headphones and a paltry selection of radio stations that played on repeat through the flight. I couldn’t even fast forward through them to get to the songs I liked. Puh-leeze. Instead, I had to find other ways to amuse myself. Without further adieu, I present to you five things to do on a plane.

1. Observe people and imagine their lives once they get off the plane. Maybe one of my favourite things to do anywhere; it allows me to make up stories and judge people based solely on appearance. FUN! A corpulent man in a suit is obviously a corrupt business man on his way to meet his hired assassin to discuss how best to discreetly dispose of his former business partner’s body. The two small blonde children who keep running up and down the aisle are looking for their nanny, who is overworked and underpaid, and in the stress of trying to get the children to stop crying over one reason or another, she’d forgotten the girl’s hand luggage and only realised once she sat the children in their seats. Frantically, she dashes off the plane to retrieve the luggage, but fighting the crowds of people entering the plane is like trying to swim upstream, and the bag has already been handed over to security, so that by the time the nanny retrieves it, the plane’s already left. The children arrive in Sydney alone, and the nanny gets fired.

2. Watch the in-flight movie without headphones, make up your own dialogue. You can make it up in your head or say it out loud, but the latter is always more fun. Points for inappropriate dialogue that may offend the people around you. For instance, the in-flight movie for my flight was Soul Surfer, the tragic story of a surfer who had her arm torn off by a shark. My travel-mate Kyri and I began riffing off horrible dialogue centered around her missing arm and in the process, christened her ‘Stumpy’. Did I mention we are terrible people?

3. Steal everything. Planes are filled with things you can take. Think about it: the in-flight magazine; aeroplane cutlery; barf bags; sanitary pads (available in the toilets); blankets; pillows; headphones that are useless outside of the plane unless you have a weird adaptor thing; other people’s food while they sleep. The possibilities are endless! Granted, you have to be sneaky while taking some of these things, and you they won’t actually be useful to you in the Real World, but stealing’s always fun, right? Kleptomania anyone? Anyone? … Bueller?

4. Write lists on the back of your newly-stolen barf bags. For instance: a list of things to do on an entertainment-less plane; ways to discreetly get rid of the small child constantly kicking the back of your seat; things you’d rather eat than aeroplane food.

You could also draw!


Draw cats! Cats are adorable!

5. Enjoy take-offs and landings. They’re like roller coasters, and eeeverybody likes roller coasters! However if roller coasters happen to terrify you, you can always grip the hand of the person sitting next to you and stare them down with a look of pure panic the whole time. It helps if you know the person you’re sitting next to, but if you don’t, it just makes things more fun!