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Jim Beam Honey launch party

The other week, I was given the opportunity to attend the launch party Jim Beam Honey at Bar100 in the Rocks, thanks to the Soup.

The launch party gave us a chance to try out the new honey-infused bourbon with a range of different mixers, including peach iced tea and ginger ale. At one point, they just gave it to us straight, and I’m not even a bourbon-drinker, but it had this subtle honey taste at the end that made the whole drink go down a lot smoother. Honey makes everything better.

The launch also gave us a chance to speak to Jared the Mixologist, who gave us his insights on bourbon, brewing and beyond. Here are some tips he gave us about drink mixing:

  • fill your glass with as much ice as possible. This ensures your drink stays nice and cold, and also dilutes it a bit.
  • when thinking of mixers to put in your alcohol, think of what flavours will match the food. Or if you’re not eating, I guess what flavours will match the alcohol. Jim Beam and Honey would go well with fruitier flavours.
  • Jared said his favourite was to mix Jim Beam Honey with vanilla and lavender.
  • at one point Kyri got him talking about carbonating coconut juice and/or water. I don’t recall the endpoint of this conversation that well.

You can see Jared talking a little about Jim Beam Honey and the different flavours you can mix it with here.

crappy Instagram photo!

crowding ’round the bar while Jared talks.

Pizza! Drinks!

for snacks there was pizza, provided by 8Brothers Brasserie.

At the end of the night, us Soupers were given a Jim Beam Honey pack, which included a bottle of the honey-infused bourbon with a bunch of mixers. I’m going to throw a tasting party later this week, so hopefully I’ll have more things to say about it then.


Evolvex by Luxmy website launch

Evolvex by Luxmy is a new company dedicated to providing eco-friendly, totally customisable furniture. It’s the brainchild of father/daughter duo Sudhindra and Priyanka Rao. You can work from a pre-designed template of a bookshelf or a desk and purchase as-is, or you can go into designer mode and customise the pieces yourself: adding or subtracting shelves, sides, doors, changing up the colours — the Evolvex team liken the experience to playing with Lego; you can pretty much let your imagination go wild, building and re-building to suit your needs.

Their website officially launched this Wednesday, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party, thanks to the Soup. It was held at District 01 in Darlinghurst, a funky warehouse-type space, with bare lightbulbs hanging low from the ceiling, and samples of the furniture itself scattered around the room.


also tables of chips and booze

I sat on and touched all the furniture, because that’s just how I get in home ware stores. If a store has chairs I sit in all the chairs. Beds? I lie on all the beds. Beanbags? I take a small running jump and cannonball into all the beanbags. Needless to say, no one wants to go furniture shopping with me anymore. But I can safely say that it’s all pretty durable stuff.

Besides being of a high enough quality to withstand my shenanigans, Evolvex furniture is also aesthetically pleasing; the panels and cushions come in a variety of colours and because each part is meant to be interchangeable, the design is sleek and minimalist.

District 01 is an ideal place for Evolvex to showcase their range

but I’m just really bad at taking photos

case in point

The Evolvex team are as creative and innovative as their designs: I was talking to Priyanka about the furniture they had on display, and she mentioned that the cushions were a last-minute idea that they had come up and manufactured just days before the website launch.
Right now, the Evolvex range is mainly shelves, desks and stools, but they’re looking to launch a set of lounge pieces in March 2012. They had a prototype chair on display at the launch, and don’t think I didn’t take full advantage of it.

I’m not embarrassing at all.

The website itself was one I and a bunch of Soupers had been testing for weeks, giving feedback and trying to improve the flow of the site. The Evolvex Designer (where you customise your furniture) is still a little buggy, but the rest of the site looks fantastic. It was on display at the launch night, hooked up to a nice, large screen and practically inviting people to check it out. I didn’t see many people take a gander around the site that night, which was a shame, because I sure did and was sufficiently impressed.

fun fun fun fun

as evidenced by these badly-edited photographs

But this is the 21st Century, and the Internet is a magical place, which means you can browse the Evolvex site from the comfort of your own home. How about that!

But if the online experience isn’t enough to pique your interest, you can check out the furniture yourself IRL because they have a pop-up shop in Darlinghurst. But be quick, it’s only there from the 16th-20th of November.

Evolvex by Luxmy pop-up shop:
District 01
74-76 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(but the entrance is on the other side, on Foley St)

They’re also on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and if you sign up to their newsletter, you get $20 off your first order. Not to mention, you’ll be among the first to find out when the Designer part of their website launches for real and gets more user-friendly (as I heard it will do in the coming months).

In summary: yay for cool furniture!

The Distillery Launch Party

Despite my oh-so Gen-Y/21st century dependency on new technology and online communities, I am still enamoured by printed products; receiving handwritten letters in the mail, writing in an actual paper notebook and reading a physical novel are things that make my heart leap with joy. In an increasingly digital world, it seems that paper products are becoming obsolete. After all, why bother getting invitations printed out when you can just send an e-vite?

This is where The Distillery comes in, re-introducing Australia to the art of letterpress and design. The team at the Distillery is a small one, but they are dedicated to producing quality papergoods, ranging from business cards, wedding stationery, greeting cards and limited edition prints. They offer their design services to those who are looking to print beautiful stationery/business cards/posters/letterheads/etc. A full list of the kinds of paper goods The Distillery can provide for your commercial enterprise can be found here, and they also able to cater to the needs of design studios. The Distillery’s ultimate goal is to nurture and grow the Letterpress community in Sydney, with plans to launch workshops, classes and meetups based on the art of letterpress later this year.

The Distillery is mainly based in a small studio in North Sydney, with a large portion of the space dominated by Wolfgang, their platen press, a Heidelberg Windmill that was rescued and restored by co-founder Nathan. The rest of the studio contains a few shelves displaying work they produced for past clients and a few zany robots, as well as a couple workbenches behind a counter.

Wolfgang in the foreground

a terribly-framed photograph of the Distillery studio. but you get the gist of it.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of their launch parties/demos last week, where they served canapes and drinks, served in a room above the shop. The had Mario Kart on N64 set up on a quirky/kitschy Cars-themed television, a couple guitars propped up against the wall, t-shirts for sale and a paper wall-mural with pens in a pot, inviting guests to scribble their thoughts or drawings on it.

(here is the space I would stick some photographs of the things mentioned above, but I am a terrible blogger and took photographs of none of those things that night. HUUUR!)

They also did a demonstration on Wolfgang by printing out some logos people had the option of sending in with their RSVP’s. As the finished products made their way around the room, I admired just how beautifully the graphics turned out, and was mildly amused to see that someone had sent the Hogwarts crest in to be printed.

Never tickle a sleeping dragon

imagine this printed on nice, cotton-based paper.

At the end of the night, each guest got a bag full of papergoods printed specifically for the occasion. The bag was filled with The Distillery coasters, a mini-2012 calendar, a small notebook (the cover of which was made of brewery hops — essentially, beer :P), a paper monster, a build-it-yourself paper model of The Distillery’s printing press, Wolfgang, and of course, a pamphlet showcasing paper products printed by The Distillery, with a list of prices in the back. Small companies and potential clients also got a small wooden box filled with more samples and paper swatches, which I thought looked pretty neat.

Again, I didn’t take any pictures of the boxes, because I’m the worst! But I did take pictures of the papergoods that I got!

look how amazing everything looks!

I really enjoyed putting this together.

their invitations were pretty sweet, too.

In short: if you got some things that need printing and or/designing, check out The Distillery. Just drop by their North Sydney studio, and I’m sure one of the staff would be glad to have a chat with you (everyone there is super-friendly!).