UNIQLO wishlist

The first time I went to a UNIQLO, it was in San Francisco. It was a small shop with two levels, and I was very impressed by their Heattech line. The second time I went was in New York, at their Times Square location. It was loud, crowded, and gave me a panic attack. But they had a wider range of clothes, so maybe it was worth it?


UNIQLO recently opened their first Australia store in Melbourne, any it seems everyone is abuzz. Being stuck and sick in Sydney, I found myself browsing their website longingly. And then I made a collage.

I'm so fashion forward | Uniqlo wishlist

I didn’t realise how monochromatic my choices were until I had laid it all out like that. But we’re heading into Winter, I’ve managed to catch an awful cold, and I have no time for colours. Besides, black is slimming and will hide all the sad burrito weight I’ve put on.

Here’s a little breakdown of my wishlist:

1. SPRZ NY Short Sleeve Big T-shirt: I need more t-shirts, but specifically, I need more baggy ones. This one looks sufficiently baggy, and this piece is part of UNIQLO’s MoMa collaboration, so how could I not want this.

2. Ultra Stretch Cargo Trousers: I have basically been living in leggings for the past few months, because I can only stand to wear stretchy pants, because of all that aforementioned burrito-weight. I like these because they are stretchy, but also made of thicker material. Also: dem pockets.

3. Wool Blended Pea Coat: I have thin, cotton-blend coats, but it’s too cold for those. I have a big, wool-lined, waterproof coat that often makes me look like the abominable snowman. I need a coat that is both warm and makes me look put-together. And so: this pea coat.

4. Denim Leggings Trousers: I used to be staunchly against wearing leggings as pants, but then times changed. Wear whatever you want, I say! I advise at least trying to cover up your crotch area with a long shirt or something. But whatever makes you comfortable and doesn’t offend people! Who cares! And UNIQLO have labelled these trousers, so it’s like they’re giving us the okay to wear these as, y’know, trousers (Also: more stretchy pants because burritos, etc.)

5. Heattech Knittted Tights (Baroque): These look adorable, and it’s time to introduce some new hosiery to my Winter wardrobe.

6. Heattech Tights: See above. And because it’s Heattech, I assume it is way warmer than all my other tights.

I hear UNIQLO will have a Sydney location sometime next year, but that is not soon enough! And I mean, Melbourne also has a MUJI store. Where is our MUJI store? I would like pretty stationery please. Maybe the answer is to move to Melbourne.


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