REVIEW: Revlon Parfumerie


Scented nail polishes aren’t exactly a new concept, and Revlon has had a scented range of nail polishes out for a long while now. However, they’ve recently released a new Parfumerie collection, and it looks to be a little fancier than their previous scented polishes.. They’ve even dressed the bottles up to look like tiny, colourful perfume bottles, and offer twenty-four shades/scents that are grouped into Fruits & Forals, Sweets & Spices, and Freshes.

They go for around $15.95 in Australia, but last time I was at Target, they were having a 2-for-1 deal, so of course I had to go for it. The first one that caught my eye was Espresso, a basic black that promised to represent my beverage of choice. I had a hard time picking a second, because the scents that appealed were paired with colours that didn’t. Eventually I settled on Bourdeaux, a deep wine red in two coats.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of scented nail polishes, they are formulated to give off a scent once dried. I don’t have that much experience with scented polishes, but I find that Revlon’s is slightly scented even when wet, which makes putting them on a less unpleasant experience, aromatically. Espresso smells a little like coffee, and Bourdeaux smells heavy and sweet.

The polish doesn’t take too long to dry, and once it does you can smell it immediately. It’s kind of like a long-wearing perfume for your nails, but it’s hardly noticeable until your fingers are right up in your face. Because then you can smell it a lot. Which is fine if you’re doing something like brushing hair out of your eyes, but confusing when you’re eating finger foods. For instance, say you’re eating spicy broadbeans at your desk*, and suddenly your nostrils get assaulted by a heavy, sweet perfume. Your nose is like “great smell!” but your tongue is like “are you eating beans or drinking perfume? I DON’T KNOW!” and then your spicy broadbeans are ruined forever.

But not so ruined that you stop snacking at your desk.

The scent does eventually disappear over time though. I’d say you get about three days of solid scent before it fades away into something you’d barely be able to smell if you pressed your fingernails to your nose. The colour is quite long-wearing, considering the fact that you can’t use a top coat (it would interfere with the scent, you see). It can go over a week without chipping, though I did notice a little bit of wear around the cuticles and a little at the tips as well. This doesn’t annoy me that much, but apparently it’s an issue for some people.

That being said, the formula of the Parfumerie polishes are not amazing — at least not the ones that I purchased. I find them to be a little thin and too streaky for my liking. It took me around three coats to get the nail polish to something I’d find acceptable. Thankfully, the colours are really nice, and I do enjoy the novelty of the scents. The bottles are pretty cute too, so all in all, I think they are a nice addition to my nail polish collection.

Go check them out if you’re into fancy-looking nail polishes, I guess. Especially if they’re being offered at a two-for-one deal.

* In case there’s any confusion, the spicy broadbeans are dry, and you are shovelling them with abandon into your mouth with your hands. Maybe if you ate them with a spoon, the nose/tongue dysfunction could have been avoided.


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