Bag Lady

I am going to let myself get a little indulgent here, and talk about bags.

For the past few weeks, I have been on the hunt for a new bag to carry all my junk in. Right now I am alternating between carrying my Cafe Grumpy tote (for days when I don’t need much), and the Sac Agnès B., (for days when I need my tablet, uni papers, notebooks, my wallet, a novel, water bottle, etc.). On days when I go to the gym, I also carry around a big, slouchy backpack with owls all over it, which I bought from a Forever 21 in San Francisco. I bought it out of necessity, because I had amassed so much stuff that my carry-on luggage needed an upgrade. It doesn’t look too big, but it fits a crapload of stuff – it is the Tardis of bags.

The owl backpack I own doesn’t seem to be available anymore (at least, not on the F21 website), but you can see what it looks like in the fancy collage I whipped up below…or in real life, on my back as I make my way towards the UTS Fitness Centre.

current bags

So what I’m looking for is basically a Mary Poppins-esque bag that can hold my uni stuff, and also sometimes my gym stuff, and that can transition seamlessly from situation to situation. On the surface it may seem like I am asking for a little too much, but it turns out there have been bag designers before me who have endeavoured to tackle my problem.

I have managed to narrow down my selection to these three bags:

bags on bags on bags

1. Vinyasa to Vino Bag ($149) – Lululemon; 2. Everyday Gym Bag ($189) – Lululemon; 3. The Ultimate Exit ($100) – Crumpler.

The Lululemon Vinyasa to Vino bag is my favourite of the bunch – it’s big but not too big, has a lot of inner pockets, including separate spaces for a laptop and shoes, and it just looks pretty. However, I am wary because many reviews warn that the bag is prone to easy wear and tear, and considering how much I throw my bags around, that’s a bit of an issue. I’ve considered going into a Lululemon store and speaking to a salesperson about return policies and my specific concerns regarding the bag, but I haven’t gotten round to it yet.

My second, tentative choice is the Everyday Gym Bag, but it looks large enough to seem unwieldly. I’d need to actually see it in real life to compare it to my body size – yet another reason to stop by in-store. I’m a-comin’, Lululemon! …when I find the time to!

Looking at the Crumpler website was a bit of a last resort, because last I checked it was overwhelmingly filled with hardcore travel/camera bags that didn’t appeal to me much. But last semester, I noticed a fellow student toting around a bag that I thought was both cute and versatile – lo and behold, the bag was from Crumpler; so I thought I’d give it a go. The Ultimate Exit is actually just a little bigger than the Everyday Gym Bag, but it looks less structured (a plus!) and is significantly cheaper (double plus!). Like the Lululemon bags, I plan to check the bag out IRL, because a picture on the internet can only tell you so much.

So yeah, that’s what’s occupying my brain space at the moment. If you want to make this process even harder for me, throw some more bag recommendations at me. Sure, why not.


3 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. Asuma

    Oooh yes I am also constantly in search for an ideal “not too heavy and does not look too big, but still can carry tonnes inside, and yet does not look like a full-on gym bag” 😀 Those Lululemon bags look just like that! I have a bag from Lululemon that’s got many useful compartments (which I love), but it’s a tad bit too heavy on its own 😦


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