HOW TO: take a bath

Baths are the best. They are relaxing and can help relieve you of the day’s stresses, even just for a little while. But only if you do it right! Luckily, I am here to prep you on the correct way to have a bath, so listen up.

What you will need:

  • bubble bath AND/OR bath bomb AND/OR bath salts
  • a book AND/OR laptop
  • a fluffy towel
  • a bathtub


  • a face mask AND/OR hair mask
  • a bottle of wine

bath tools!


1. Take a shower. Baths are for relaxing, not cleaning — nobody wants to sit in a pool of their own filth for an hour. But if that makes you relaxed, I’m not here to judge. I’m only here to recommend that you take a shower first.

2. Prepare the space. If you’re planning on reading a book, get that ready and put it in reach from the bathtub. Ditto for the wine and face mask. If you’re using a laptop (I assume for watching a TV show, or listening to music. Don’t use it to do any work, because you are supposed to be RELAXING. But also water and electronics is not a great idea, obviously) get a small table or a chair and position the laptop on it accordingly.

3a. Start filling the tub. It is of utmost importance that the water is at the right temperature for you. For people who enjoy extremely hot baths, it may seem tempting to just let the hot water run until the tub is filled, but the last time I did that, the bath turned out to be way too hot, so I recommend just feeling the water every so often to ensure your bathwater is the perfect temperature.

3b. Account for your body’s volume. You know what sucks? An overfilled bathtub. This may seem like common sense, but maybe it isn’t? I aim to be thorough in this tutorial.

4. Prepare the water. It’s best to put bubble bath in while the tap is still running, because the force of the water will improve the bath’s overall bubbliness. That is a science fact. Bath bombs and bath salts can be added whenever, because their only job is to melt. So do what you want.

5. Get in. (but if you’re using the laptop, you should put on the music or television show or whatever media you’re consuming before you get into the tub, because don’t touch your laptop with wet hands, DON’T DO IT.)


6a. Pour yourself a glass of wine, if you have it and are of legal drinking age. Or skip the glass and drink straight from the bottle — again, I’m not here to judge. I procured a tiny bottle of chardonnay which is just one standard glass of wine, and it is super adorable. Did you know that you can get basically any kind of liquor in tiny bottles? From now on, I am only getting drunk on miniature booze*.

6b. Apply the face mask. I think the best place to use a cloth face mask is in a steamy bathroom, because the steam opens up your pores and your skin gets better at taking in whatever the mask is giving. It also just feels really good, so you should do it.

There’s a hair mask in the above picture, which I was planning on using, but then I read the instructions and apparently I’d have to heat my hair for 20-30 minutes with the mask on. What am I, a salon? No. So I didn’t end up using the mask. If anyone has a hair heater, please let me borrow it? I would like to try out the hair mask. It’s been sitting on my samples shelf for weeks. It is a sad hair mask.

bath bomb!

this is what a melting LUSH bath ballistic looks like in action. here I am using Dragon’s Egg, which smells citrusy and leaves behind a LOT of micro-glitter. thankfully, the glitter doesn’t stick to your skin, and is easy to wash away from the tub. it’s probably my favourite bath thing now; I’d give it a 10 on the fun scale.

This post is brought to you by the time I took a bath and spent way too much time planning it. I rarely take baths because then they become less special. Also I think they’re a waste of time. I SPENT A WEEK PLANNING THIS. I BORROWED SOMEONE ELSE’S BATHTUB FOR THIS OCCASION! You’re welcome.

* that’s a lie. of course I still love full-sized bottles of alcohol.


3 thoughts on “HOW TO: take a bath

  1. Constance Trevino

    Hi, i love these ideas especially the chlorine one and the skin moisturizer. One that i have been using once a week is a natural hair mask made of equal parts olive oil and honey. mix it put all over hair. cover with cling film then a towel and leave for 30min then wash hair as normal.


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