Winter Essentials

It is coming into the colder months in this part of the world, and while my feelings towards Winter have previously fluctuated between resentment and indifference, I have recently come to embrace the chill.

SInce I am a millennial living in a capitalistic society, I believe I owe a lot of this newfound comfort to my material goods (I love you material goods). Thus, I bring you my Winter essentials for this year (or really, any year):

Toe socks

I love socks. I have knee-high, OTK, crew, ankle and bed socks — mostly in crazy patterns and colours — but the kind of socks I had been coveting for ages were toe socks. For one reason or another, I never got around to purchasing any, until last December, when Walgreens had a bunch of Christmas-themed toe socks for sale. They were the cutest, so obviously…

toe socks!

I also have a pair with Santa on them, and another with snowmen. They are like gloves for your toes! My extremities tend to get super-cold, particularly in the winter and even if I’m snuggled under a warm blanket, so wearing socks to bed is a definite must.

Sweat Pants

I’ve mention these before, but since then Kyri took the sweat pants home, and I suffered a few lonely, sweat-pantsless months. I experimented with pyjama pants, my own sweat pants, boxer shorts…nothing seemed to fit as comfortably. Then one glorious day, Kyri came over and he brought the sweatpants back! True, he did specify it was so that he could wear them when he’s over, but I mean, let’s be real here, I’m gonna be wearing the pants. Forever.

Space Heater

space heater

Another thing from Kyri, although this was a gift rather than a thing I shamelessly stole. Kyri is a big fan of temperature control, and a couple years ago he decided he would pass this onto me via this heater. It took me a while, but now I am kind of dependent on this little heat-provider; it’s the only thing that makes coming out of the shower during Winter tolerable.

Scented Candles

My family thought I was mad for burning candles in the summer — “why?” they would ask, milling about in their underwear and fanning themselves.

“do you not want the smell of a hot pumpkin caramel latte wafting through our home?” I would rebutt.

“no” they would say, walking away in disgust.

scented candle

Well now my candles are totally weather-appropriate — they’re cosy and smell of Winter things (because I bought stuff mostly from the winter range) and I will light a hundred if I want to! Who’s the mad one now, family?!*

Hilariously, the last time I used this candle I closed it in a way that trapped the heat and made the glass expand, so I can’t get the lid open. THANKS, SCIENCE. My first instinct was to add heat to the lid, so I immediately exposed it to an open flame…yeah, don’t do that. Because of the burning. Hot water or a hairdryer would have been better, but none of those are in my room. Only lighters.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm is for every season, but especially winter. Because of the cold and the chapped lips. I carry a bag of various lip products, including tinted lip balm, with me everywhere because I am obsessive. But also I keep a tube of Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm next to my bed for easy night-time access, because it is now the only non-tinted lip balm that I own.


It is very moisturising without being sticky, and also smells strongly of honey. I don’t recommend it if you don’t like the smell of honey…but they have a bunch of other “flavours”, like pomegranate, grapefruit and mango. The only other one I have tried was the pomegranate one, but it belonged to someone else and I was kind of drunk and don’t remember what it smelt like. It probably doesn’t smell like honey.


Again, because of the cold and chapped skin etc. I have at least three full-sized face/body moisturisers and several small samples that I use in rotation. I got them all from Bellabox, because they insist on giving me more than I can use. Not that I’m complaining.

But my most favourite moisturiser is one for your hands. I’d heard a lot of good things about Hand Food by Soap and Glory. It’s a brand from the UK, but I guess Sephora started stocking it as well, because that’s where I found it. Kit Cosmetics in Australia also stocks Soap and Glory stuff, so when this runs out, I’ll be heading to a Kit Cosmetics counter to stock up on more.

hand cream

It smells like marshmallow, and does exactly what it says on the tube: it’s non greasy and very hydrating. I use it pretty much anytime my hands feel dry, or I just want to smell product (seriously, it smells so good!). On the flight from San Francisco to Auckland, I managed to sneak the entire tube past the TSA onto the plane, because I couldn’t imagine a 14-hour flight without it.

So yeah, I like things. Let me know if you have any cold-weather recommendations, because me and Winter, we are still deep in the honeymoon phase.

* me. it’s still me.


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