Lush Pamper Party

I am a fan of LUSH, but until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that as well as selling sweet-smelling bath products and skincare, they also host private pamper parties. They’re held after hours, so parties will have the whole store to themselves, as well as two LUSH staff to host it. There are a few different packages, but we went for the Girls’ Night In, which involves getting a facial, a fruit platter, chocolate-coated strawberries and tea, and time afterwards to go on a little shopping spree with the LUSH gift vouchers that were included in the package.

Pamper Parties need a minimum of four people, and Kelly, Austvina, Juliana, Mary and I booked ours at the QVB store. Our hosts were the lovely Anna and Bec, who talked us through the products they were using, offered advice and generally let us run amok in the store.

action shot!

Here we see Austvina holding her face over a bowl of warm water mixed with a toner tablet. It’s supposed to clear out your pores, and can be done before applying a mask to prepare your skin, or after, to clear your pores of the mask completely.

And on the right, Juliana is getting her face moisturised/massaged by Anna. I’d never had one before, but it turns out face massages are really relaxing and feels less weird than it looks.

fresh face masks

We were each asked what we wanted our skin to feel like after the facial, and I think I said something about treating skin that is prone to massive breakouts, and Bec suggested I use Love Lettuce, which is an exfoliating mask for normal to oily skin.




This is the moisturiser that was used on my face. It absorbs straight into your skin, and isn’t greasy, so it’s perfect to use as a day cream. I didn’t buy any this time around, because I already have way too many samples of moisturiser that I still need to use up, but next time for sure!

emotional brilliance

LUSH also has a make-up/colour line called “Emotional Brilliance“, and it includes eye shadow, eyeliner, lip colour, cheek tints, etc in a tonne of different colours. They also have this game in-store where you spin a wheel of colours and then pick out which three colours jump out at you immediately after the wheel stops. It’s supposed to be a reflection of how you’re feeling at the moment, and it’s pretty interesting. Above is my reading…

I usually pop into LUSH for their amazing bath ballistics and bubbleroons, but besides a few sample products, I’d never really tried any of their skincare range. The Pamper Party comes with a $30 credit to spend on the night, so I thought I’d use it to try out something new. Here are the products I chose:


Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
I don’t use an exfoliator in my regular skin routine, but I do occasionally get rough patches on my elbows and my heels. Anna saw me eyeing the shower scrubs, and recommended Rub Rub Rub to solve my rough skin problems. It’s a sea-salt scrub with a lemony-floral scent that reminds me slightly of laundry detergent. The scrub can be used straight on your skin for a more rigorous exfoliation, or combined with water for something a little gentler.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment
My skin has been breaking out like a mofo lately — I blame stress and lack of sleep (thanks, uni!) — and I was told that this clears up spots like nobody’s business, so I am giving it a whirl. Will it work on me? Only time will tell…

Toothy Tabs
My friend Austvina is a LUSH fiend, and I think she was the first person to tell me about Toothy Tabs. It’s basically toothpaste in solid form, and they come in little tablets that you crush a little between your teeth before wetting your toothbrush and just brushing as normal. Once you add water, the tablet should foam up, like a bathbomb for your mouth. They come in all sorts of flavours, but I chose Chou Chou…I Love You, which is sweet and rose-scented.

I’ve only tried these products out once or twice, but I already know that I’ll be coming back to them again and again. LUSH also has this deal where if you bring in five of their black containers to any store, you get a free fresh face mask. Not gonna lie, that is a huge incentive for me — their face masks are pretty great!


Finally, we were farewelled with a little giftbag filled with the LUSH Times and a few samples. I’m a huge fan of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (I received a sample in a Bella Box), so I’m glad to have more of it — I find it’s the perfect body cream to put on before going to bed, because I always wake up smelling amazing. Ultrabland was the cleanser used to wash my face before applying the face mask, and I’ve also heard good things about the Dream Cream, so I am super-excited to try those out as well.

If you’ve been wanting to try out some LUSH products but find the store too intimidating, I recommend grabbing a few friends and booking a Pamper Party — that way, you can try out some of the products first-hand and get some great one-on-one consultations with the experts*.

So yeah, thanks LUSH! I definitely had fun!

* also, the chocolate-covered strawberries they provided were AMAZING.


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