THINGS I SAW & LIKED: Central Park edition

I’ve been back in Australia for just over a week, and when talking to friends, I’ve found that I am having a really hard time articulating what it is I did during my time away — other than “yeah, we sure did eat a lot. Hamburgers, and that”. But I did more than just eat a lot (though to be fair, I did eat a LOT of hamburgers), I also went to Central Park and frolicked in the snow.




Image“Holden! the ducks are right here!”

As you can see, I am a gigantic nerd.

a gigantic, embarrassing nerd with a cloning machine.

IMG_3861 IMG_3853 IMG_3858Full disclosure: there were more pictures from this set, but they are mostly of me being embarrassing, so I have omitted them. You’re welcome.

I promise actual words and stuff in the near future!


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