I’ve been eating out a lot lately, and while it has been enjoyable, it has not been kind to my wallet.

It’s not that I have expensive taste, I just have a bottomless stomach.

Here is a snack I ate recently for free (because my boyfriend paid for it all) (but I mean, it was relatively inexpensive) and it was delicious.

garlic cracker snax!


  1. Get some fine wafer crackers. I’m pretty sure they have to be this exact brand, because I can’t find any other substitute that is quite like this. At first you will be like “this tastes like a waffle cone, how bizarre” but then you will be like “I need to put all of these in my mouth as fast as possible”
  2. Get a giant tub of garlic dip. This particular tub was purchased at Costco; it is delicious, cheap and will last you a very long time — such are the fruits that Costco bear. Every time you think you’ve seen everything Costco has to offer, it gives you a giant tub of garlic dip. When a man is tired of Costco, he is tired of life.
  3. Put the fine wafer cracker into the garlic dip.
  4. Devour at your leisure. You may need more than one packet of wafer crackers.

Now you know how to eat like a poor, sporadic blogger. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Snackin’

  1. Asuma

    Omg I know that feeling, when supposedly bland tasting things are like okay everything needs to get in my belly right now NOW 😛 I feel that way about rice cakes and other random crackers as well.


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