My Absence

Struggling financially really makes you put things like blogging recreationally on the backburner.

And I mean, why should I even bother with writing things out in longform when I have a Twitter account?

The main reason I’ve put off blogging is that I don’t feel like I have anything to contribute to the “blogosphere”. When I do think of something to write, it’s self-indulgent, and mostly beauty-related (because as per my last entry, I’m still fairly enamoured by the idea of make-up. Sometimes I use BB cream. What is even happening?!).

Monthly favourites is a thing that the beauty-vlogging world seems to like a lot, and sometimes I entertain the thought of doing one of those, maybe even in vlog-form. But it seems too trivial to make into a real thing that I would want to share with people. It’s also super materialistic. A major thing that bothers me about beauty vlogging is how ridiculously materialistic it is, when you boil it down. Make up and crap like that is an extraneous part of life, one that people are privileged to have. To parade it around and talk about it as if it has some real importance in the grand scheme of things seems…wrong?

I don’t know. That’s just a thing I struggle with every time I put eyeliner on, or even out my imperfections by painting a layer of BB cream on my face. I’ll leave you with a July favourite, though:

XL sweat pants: I’ve been loving these extra large men’s sweat pants that my boyfriend left at my place. They’re super comfy to lounge around in, and are really, really warm, which is good for Winter. In fact, I wouldn’t limit these to just being my July favourite, because I plan on wearing these for months and months to come. Because you are never getting these pants back, Kyri. Never.


One thought on “My Absence

  1. Asuma

    There is no way anybody can deny an XL sweat pant during winter 😛
    About beauty vlogging though, I feel that some vloggers make their videos not as materialistic as others. And I guess these videos are meant to contain information about products so they’re bound to be materialistic, but not always in a superficial and negative way…I like to think of them as “magazines and catalogues in video-form”. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.


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