Jim Beam Honey launch party

The other week, I was given the opportunity to attend the launch party Jim Beam Honey at Bar100 in the Rocks, thanks to the Soup.

The launch party gave us a chance to try out the new honey-infused bourbon with a range of different mixers, including peach iced tea and ginger ale. At one point, they just gave it to us straight, and I’m not even a bourbon-drinker, but it had this subtle honey taste at the end that made the whole drink go down a lot smoother. Honey makes everything better.

The launch also gave us a chance to speak to Jared the Mixologist, who gave us his insights on bourbon, brewing and beyond. Here are some tips he gave us about drink mixing:

  • fill your glass with as much ice as possible. This ensures your drink stays nice and cold, and also dilutes it a bit.
  • when thinking of mixers to put in your alcohol, think of what flavours will match the food. Or if you’re not eating, I guess what flavours will match the alcohol. Jim Beam and Honey would go well with fruitier flavours.
  • Jared said his favourite was to mix Jim Beam Honey with vanilla and lavender.
  • at one point Kyri got him talking about carbonating coconut juice and/or water. I don’t recall the endpoint of this conversation that well.

You can see Jared talking a little about Jim Beam Honey and the different flavours you can mix it with here.

crappy Instagram photo!

crowding ’round the bar while Jared talks.

Pizza! Drinks!

for snacks there was pizza, provided by 8Brothers Brasserie.

At the end of the night, us Soupers were given a Jim Beam Honey pack, which included a bottle of the honey-infused bourbon with a bunch of mixers. I’m going to throw a tasting party later this week, so hopefully I’ll have more things to say about it then.


One thought on “Jim Beam Honey launch party

  1. Laurel Avery

    To create Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam distillers begin by emptying barrels of extra-aged, six-year Jim Beam Bourbon. The barrels are then agitated through a proprietary process to pull the trapped bourbon and flavors from the barrel wood. The liquid (with the extracted elements it now contains) is then held for an appropriate length of time in a proprietary process until it has developed the proper balance of bourbon notes. In the final step, this special liquid is carefully added back to extra-aged Jim Beam to create the finely-balanced, smooth 90 proof Devil’s Cut Bourbon.


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