Lists and Links: substitutes for real content

I am the worst at blogging.

Back in January, I joined, a community-based, goal-achieving site (because one can never join TOO MANY social media websites), and one of my goals was to “blog at least twice a month“. Well. Clearly, I overestimated myself. One would think that writing a single blog post per fortnight is a manageable task, but one would be wrong. I’d actually much rather spend my nights lying in bed, watching the Regular Show and feeling guilty about not blogging. You should try it, it’s fun.

Don’t get me wrong, my lack of blog posts is not because I have abandoned the internet in favour of “having a life”. Trust me, I am on the internet plenty. It would be 3am, and my mother would knock on my bedroom door and ask politely if maybe I want to switch of my computer and get some sleep. “No.” I would reply, and then when she’d leave the room, I would quietly nuzzle the screen and whisper sweet nothings into the internet. Also, I’m on tumblr a lot.

The lack of blog-like content can’t even be attributed to a lack of things to write about; I have kept lists of what I consider blog-worthy items in my notebook, hoping that one day I might actually get around to writing some of them.


  • comparing and contrasting different types of coffee
  • performance poetry
  • that time I chose to not eat meat for a month and vegetarianism in general
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin (film review)
  • the value of concerts and live music
  • a video blog from the time I saw Rafael Lozanoo-Hemmer’s Recorders exhibit at the MCA
  • Love Never Dies (musical review)
  • Valentine’s Day is a thing that just happened. Everybody loves topical blog posts, right?

But writing is difficult. Or rather, I’m incredibly lazy. I’d rather drink tea and slurk around the internet for hours rather than attempt to string coherent sentences together. It’s a hard life.

In an attempt to make up for a lack of content, I present to you a list of other sites that have better and more regular updates than mine.

Fashion Pirate; I am a moderate reader of fashion blogs, and the ones I subscribe to regularly (Keiko Lynn & What I Wore) are pretty standard. However, I found Arabelle’s fashion blog a couple weeks ago, and have slowly been going through the archives. She has a quirkier dress sense and a strong feminist viewpoint that I admire.

Thought Catalogue; “Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting. You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives.” It’s a science fact. Also it has interesting articles. I recommend following them on twitter for incremental doses of wonderful.

Extra Ordinary; I never really got into comics before I discovered internet comics, and now Extra Ordinary is currently my favourite. It’s loosely based around New Zealander Li, her life, and more importantly, her cat. There are new comics every Wednesday. CATS!

Josh Is Hollywood; I told you I was on Tumblr a lot. While a large slice of tumblr is reminiscent of a lot of Myspace blogs circa 2004, Josh’s one has more original content than reblogs, and a lot of it’s thoughtful and/or amusing. Also, he’s from Canada. Canada is rad!

SciShow; At the beginning of the year, Youtube launched a bunch of original channels run by well-known YT personalities and partners as well as media companies. Amongst these are two educational channels run by the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. Crash Course features both Hank and John teaching Biology and World History, respectively. SciShow just features Hank teaching Science broadly. Having a background in Arts/Communication, I thought I would enjoy John’s World History videos the most, but I find that I look forward to SciShow videos turning up in my subscription box much more.

Phew. That was exhausting. I’m going to make a cup of tea and go back to bed now.


2 thoughts on “Lists and Links: substitutes for real content

  1. Corridor Kitchen (@CorridorKitchen)

    It’s so hard, I agree. I started off writing two posts a week. I think that lasted about 6 months, some of them were bloody awful.

    The last post I wrote, I had all the photos but I put it off for *months*. I was on the net reading blogs and even writing other posts in place of the one I justknewihadtowritenowbeforeiforgetthewholething. I think it was because I had so many photos, I’d open up the folder and start looking at them to get ‘inspired’ and then I’d think “Oh my god, so many photos, how will I choose which ones, there’s so many, what will I write???”

    And then I sat down and just wrote the damn thing and it was all fine.

  2. feishien Post author

    I know what you mean about looking at photos for inspiration — sometimes I take pictures of things just to remember to write about them later. But my issue is actually focusing on one thing to write about enough to actually finish a publishable blog post. My drafts folder is littered with half-articulated ideas.

    I’m impressed your two-posts-a-week thing lasted six whole months, though. I’ve blogged every day for a month a few times over at my personal blog, and while getting into the habit of writing every day produced some interesting posts, some were just terrible. I’ve yet to find a formula for maintaining a blog that doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, but I suspect is has something to do with not procrastinating so much.

    I do enjoy your blog though; particularly the cafe reviews 😛


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