Brief thoughts on TSwift’s ‘Ours’

So, a new Taylor Swift music video came out for her song ‘Ours‘, a song so undeniably about her relationship with John Mayer that I don’t want to get into it.

The  music video itself seems to be a visual diatribe on how awful office life is, and Taylor Swift finds herself in the middle of it all, for some reason. The video starts with her shots of the exterior of an austre-looking building, then cuts to Taylor walking cheerfully through its lobby and entering an elevator full of office drones, where all the happy gets sucked out of her. Then she goes to sit down at a cubicle and we watch her being annoyed by the other cubicle people. I’m not sure what Taylor’s job is, because all she seems to do is walk past what seems to be a CRT monitor* with a sign that says ‘Out of Paper’ and being annoyed by an overweight man who stares uncomfortably at her while she stands by the water cooler. In fact, I’m not even sure what goes on in this office at all. Nobody seems to be doing any work. Sometimes I think Taylor enjoys dressing up and pretending to be living a life that is way more boring than her own: in ‘Ours’, she’s an office worker; in ‘The Story of Us‘, she’s a private schoolgirl with what appears to be the inability to read.**

When Taylor’s finally at her desk, she never does any visible work at all. She gazes longingly at a post-it note that says “I loved you first” then below that “no, I loved you first” or something to that effect, I can’t be bothered watching the video again. And then she starts watching home-videos of herself and her boyfriend doing nauseating couple things. At this point in the video, I get really panicky: why isn’t Taylor doing her job? She is surely going to get fired! Taylor, we don’t want you to get fired, oh my god oh my god oh my god.

Yep, a Taylor Swift music video made me anxious.

Anyway, her behaviour is sort of excused because it turns out her boyfriend or whatever is a soldier, and was coming back that day! Hooray! She meets him at the airport after work and whoopdeedoo, “this love is ours”. I guess it had some unexpected political/patriotic flavour to it? That’s…cool? But that’s not why I’m blogging about it. I bring up this music video solely to point out this one excellent bit near the end, where Taylor gets into the elevator at the end of the day:


creepy guy, seriously. WHY?

It’s kind of a choppy GIF because the video would buffer every time I made a screencap, but you get the gist. It’s just…Taylor enters the elevator and the guy appears to be sleeping, then when the doors open for her to get out, he is awake and totally creepy.

Uh, that’s all I have to say about the subject. I do actually enjoy the song a lot, and am glad it’s a single, but man. What is up with that music video?


*really, what is that? Is it a terribly old printer? Because I’ve worked in a couple offices and have never seen anything like that. I’ve also worked at Harvey Norman, who use dot-matrix printers — the oldest printers known to mankind — and whatever the hell is in this video is definitely not that. If someone could tell me what that is, that would be great.

**this is a thing that has always bothered me in that music video. She is in a library, and supposed to be looking busy in an effort to ignore that the boy of her affections has just walked in. She even has a goddamn book in her hands, and the way she tries to look busy is by stroking her own hair repeatedly and not, like, pretending to read said book. Although I guess that doesn’t signify illiteracy as much as it does incompetency.


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