Death before 10:30AM

McDonald’s are celebrating their 40th year in Australia, by bringing back the McFeast, Shaker Fries, and introducing new McFlurry flavours. Delicious! But they’re also celebrating with a Birthday Muffin, which takes the best parts of a McDonalds’ breakfast and squishes it between two halves of an English muffin.

"my muffin top is all that; whole grain, low fat"

muffin top; cheese; sausage patty; bacon rashers; circular egg; circular hash brown; muffin bottom.

If you know me, you will know that I love breakfast. Breakfast is the best food! I am wholly in favour of the all-day breakfast; I believe all food places should serve breakfast foods ’round the clock, because no one should be able to restrict when anyone can have breakfast. But McDonald’s seems to think this restriction is necessary. Their breakfast finishes at 10:30AM, and thus, in order to partake in what some may call a monstrosity of a breakfast food*, I had to wake up slightly earlier than I would normally.

But what I paid for in minor inconvenience, I got back ten-fold in deliciousness! At least on the first bite. As you can probably tell by the above illustration, the McDonald’s Birthday Muffin is kind of bigger than your normal McMuffin. Being a girl with a smallish mouth, I all but unhinged my jaw to try and get everything in that muffin on the first bite.

And my God, was it worth it! I could taste the bacon and the sausage patty mingling and creating some sort of delicious, non-sexual meat explosion. I could taste the right amount of hash brown and egg to counter the double-meatiness of the Birthday Muffin, and the texture of the muffin itself was perfect. I really like English muffins, so. Yeah. I could barely taste the cheese, but that’s okay, because I don’t trust McDonald’s cheese.

oooh yeeeahh!

The second, third, fourth bites and so on were not as spectacular as that first bite, that wonderful combination of flavours dancing across my tongue…shhh, stop judging me! Greasy, fast food makes me happy! And I got the Birthday Muffin meal, so I also got a juice and hash brown, which it turned out was unnecessary because the muffin itself was pretty filling, as you can imagine. But yeah, I ate it all, cos I’m a boss.

Next week I plan to conquer the Bavarian Bier Cafe’s Tuesday Schnitzel special so maybe look out for that post. Unless I have been put into a food coma by then. In which case, I regret nothing!

*but not me; though, my judgement may not be the best, seeing as I was one of the few people I know who thought the KFC Double Down was a good idea, and I was excited to eat it. More than once.


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