Marina’s heart is Radioactive

I wish I only had good things to say about Marina & the Diamonds, but I’ve found the marketing scheme around her upcoming album tacky at best. Her twitter feed resembles that of an internet-hipster, and her tumblr makes me want to throw up on so many levels. The layout! the self-indulgent photos! the cryptic one-line posts! pictures of galaxies and pills! Maybe I’m just a snob. Maybe I expected more from Marina; I love her debut album and had certain expectations, damn it!

Marina’s obnoxious web-presence can most probably be attributed to her alter-ego, Electra Heart, who seems to still be an enigma. Maybe more will be revealed at the album’s release? Maybe not. *shrug* All I know is that the tweets and the tumbls have kept me away from listening to her new stuff; her marketing tactics alienating me from what I used to love about her.

But today Marina released this music video (part two to compliment last week’s part one: fear and loathing)

…and suddenly I don’t care that she’s been an annoying internet-hipster for the past couple of months. It’s good to know that despite the alter-ego, you can still make enjoyable music, Marina/Electra. I am eagerly awaiting your next album, don’t let me down!

just because you know my name doesn't mean you know my game

also, you look damn fine in a bleach-blonde wig


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